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Wizebank is a powerfully simple and free analytics solution that gives you the insights you need to grow your e-learning business

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Everything you need to know about your e-learning business in one place

Wizebank offers one-click integrations with all your favourite tools across email marketing, payments, analytics, and more!

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"For years we were hacking spreadsheets to monitor and analyze the data coming from our different business systems. If you're not using Wizebank you're simply not seeing the big picture. This is the perfect e-learning dashboard."

Tim Vipond

Founder & CEO
beautiful dashboards

Powerful analytics without the spreadsheets

Our real-time dashboards make it easy to see the big picture view of your entire business.

Actionable reports to grow your business
Hundreds of valuable metrics and insights
Say goodbye to manually updating spreadsheets!
See your conversion rates
Lead tracking

Understand the true value of your leads

Email opt-in rates are important but we'll go further by showing you exactly which leads are most profitable.

You'll never have to guess where you should be spending your time and money to grow your business.

industry benchmarks

Put your numbers into perspective

See how you stack up against other course creators with our industry benchmarks.

You'll know where you're great and where you have room to improve so you're always working on what matters most!

Your Conversion Rate
Top 25% of Course Creators
Average Course Creator
Revenue streams

More than one revenue stream? We have you covered

Mulitple revenue streams is the holy grail but tracking performance across them is a pain.

We make it easy to see how you're performing across your different sales channels and products.

Trusted by creators around the world

"My wife and I have been using spreadsheets to manage our business and it was a pain. We're so happy we stumbled upon Wizebank. It's been a life saver."

Tommy M.
Course Creator

"We’re at the point where if you’re starting a knowledge business - either as a course creator or a podcast host - you need a tool like Wizebank from Day 1."

Urdara T.
Thinkific Expert

"Before Wizebank we didn't really know where to spend our time and money to grow the business. It always felt like a shot in the dark. Not anymore!"

Leah G.
Course Creator

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Unlimited Data Sources
Pre-Built Dashboards
Daily Data Refreshes
Goal Tracking
Data-Driven Insights

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