Say goodbye to spreadsheets! 👋

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Connect and see all your data in one place. Get the insights you need to grow your e-learning business through intuitive dashboards, automated reports and more. 100% Free! 🎉

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beautiful dashboards

Powerful analytics without the spreadsheets

Wizebank's real-time dashboards make it easy to see the big picture of your entire business

Automated reports to designed to help you grow
Hundreds of actionable metrics and insights
Say goodbye to spreadsheets! 👋
Analytics Made Easy
Annonymized Industry Benchmarks
Industry benchmarks

Put your numbers into perspective

See how you stack up against other course creators with our industry benchmarks.

You'll know where you're great and where you have room to improve so you're always working on what matters most!

See How You Stack Up

Your entire e-learning business at your finger tips

Wizebank captures all your business data and turns it into actionable insights.

We seamlessly integrate with your website, payments, email marketing, and much more into an easy-to-use dashboard.

How it works

Get automated and actionable insights in minutes


One-Click Integrations

Connect your favorite tools in minutes with our one-click integrations.


Unlock Actionable Insights

Get real-time dashboards and see your entire business in one place.


Fuel Business Growth

Make data-driven decisions with confidence. No more second guessing!

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The perfect e-learning dashboard

"For years we were hacking spreadsheets to monitor and analyze the data coming from our different business systems. If you're not using Wizebank you're simply not seeing the big picture. This is the perfect e-learning dashboard."
Tim Vipond
Leading Thinkific Creator
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Data Sources
5+ Data Sources
One-click integrations to all your favorite tools from payments, email, and more!
Real-Time Dashboards
Intuitive dashboards on revenue, customers, email, and conversions
Purchase Funnels
Visibility into your funnels performance so you can optimize your conversions
Industry Benchmarks
Access anonymized industry benchmarks to see how your business stacks up
Goal Tracking
Goal Tracking
Set up goals across key metrics and track your results accordingly
Insights & Trends
See how you're performing by comparing your current analytics to previous periods

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to all questions you have and boost your knowledge so you can save, invest and spend smarter. See all questions here!
How long does it really take to get setup?
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We know that most reporting and analytics tools take time and customization to get up and running. We are not those tools! In fact, all you have to do is connect your accounts and we'll do all the heavy lifting. It takes less than 5 minutes to get setup.

What if I'm using a tool that isn't supported?
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If you don't see your favorite tools, let us know through the chatbot or at! We're constantly adding new data sources each month.

Why is Wizebank free? How do you make money?
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We believe having accurate metrics is a foundational piece of running a successful business. We want to partner in a way that aligns with your success. Over time, you can expect us to launch additional premium products that can help you more effectively grow your business.

Most importantly, your data is yours, and is never sold or shared with others.

How safe is my data?
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Our top priority is keeping your data safe and secure. We are committed to protecting your data with military grade encryption.

In addition, we limit what we have access to. We can never see your login information for any of your connected accounts. We only have "read" level access to the data you share with us. That means we are never able to change or modify your shared data in any way.