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What is Wizebank?
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Wizebank is an all-in-one analytics solution built exclusively for course creators. At its core, Wizebank is on a mission to help creators like unlock their full potential by eliminating "back office" complexity so they can focus on doing what they love.

How is this free?
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You can't build a great business without knowing your most important metrics. We believe that having accurate metrics is critical to the ongoing success of any business. More importantly, we want to help creators spend more time doing what they love!

We will always have a free tier but over time, you can expect us to roll out more premium products that help you more effectively manage and grow your business. You can be confident that your data is yours, and is never sold, shared, or viewed.

How safe is my data?
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Our number one priority is making sure your data is safe and secure. We are protecting data with military grade encryption (RSA-4096 and AES-256) and we also limit what we have access to (i.e. read-only access). That means we never have access to sensiitve information associated with your accounts.

How long does it really take to set up Wizebank?
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We know that most reporting and analytics tools take time and customization to get up and running. We are not those tools!

In fact, we take care of all the hard parts so all you have to do is connect your accounts and we'll do the heavy lifting. It takes less than 5 minutes to connect your accounts and then we'll email you once your dashboards are ready to go. This usually takes under 24 hours.

What if I'm using a tool that isn't supported?
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If you don't see one of your favorite tools, let us know! We're constantly adding new data sources each month.